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How much does a gaming laptop cost?

An entry-level gaming laptop costs around $700 to $1000, mid-range gaming laptops are priced between $1000 to $1500, and expensive ones go beyond $2000.

With the evolution of the gaming industry, there is an increasing demand for gaming laptops. However, not everyone plays games on laptops, but many of us do. That is why people are curious to know the exact price of a good gaming laptop. Actually, this question is very tricky and depends on many factors. But, today, we have decided to give an in-depth answer, which will clear all of your doubts regarding the price of a gaming laptop.

Before going further, I want to clarify that I closely monitor the gaming industry, and I would say it is growing rapidly, especially in the gaming laptop industry. In 2020, around $10-$11 Billion worth of gaming laptops were sold, which is growing at a 6% CAGR annually. So, it can reach approximately $18-$20 billion industry by 2030. That is why many laptops brands are making strenuous efforts to capture the gaming laptop market. Currently, HP, Dell, Acer, Asus & Lenovo are major players manufacturing world-class gaming laptops. Let’s evaluate the right price for a gaming laptop without wasting any more time.

How much does a gaming laptop cost in 2023?

As I have mentioned earlier, the gaming laptop price depends upon requirements. That is why we divide into three categories to target the right audience; entry-level, mid-range, and high-end gaming laptops. The entry-level gaming laptops start from $700 and go as high as $1000. Meanwhile, mid-range gaming laptops state from $1000 and go up to $1500. Lastly, high-end gaming laptops are the most expensive ones costing more than $2000.

Entry Level Gaming LaptopMid-Range Gaming LaptopsHigh-End Gaming Laptops
Price ($$$)700-10001000-15002000+

Now, the question arises of which one is suitable for me. Well, the question is straightforward; it totally depends on what kind of gamer you are. You don’t even need a gaming laptop if you are a casual gamer. You can go with any basic grade laptop with an i5 or i7 processor. But if you play games more often, you can go with an entry-level gaming laptop. Furthermore, if you are sort of a heavy gamer, you can consider buying a mid-range gaming laptop. That laptop can handle almost any game you throw to it. But you might still be confused “why are there more expensive laptops if I can play all the games on a mid-range laptop?”

Gaming Laptops Price Comparison

Well, your question is very genuine, actually. The high-end gaming laptops are designed for professional gamers only who play continue gaming for several hours. Most of these expensive laptops arrive with very good thermal management that can absorb excessive heat. But I don’t think you need to pay more than $2000 for a high-end gaming laptop. If you go beyond that, better to build your own custom PC and most professionals do that, either. That is why there are limited options available above $2000.

How much do I need to spend on a gaming laptop?

Before reaching any conclusion, you need to make sure you even need a gaming laptop. Its answer lies in your usage. If you truly play AAA titles on your laptop, you should definitely need to go with a gaming laptop. Otherwise, if you play casual games like Minecraft and Sims 4 for timepass, I think you avoid buying a gaming laptop. Most gaming laptops arrive with a dedicated graphics card. So, they can take a decent graphics load. If you aren’t sure which graphics card is good for a gaming laptop, you can also read our guide What is The Best Graphics Card For A Gaming Laptop?

Apart from that, mid-range laptops can do wonders for you if you are a heavy gamer with the latest AAA titles in the line. Overall, your requirements influence the gaming laptop price. There is no sure-sort strategy to find out the best price for a gaming laptop. It may vary from $700 to $1500 for normal users and go well beyond $2000 for a professional gamer. Hopefully, I have cleared all of your doubts regarding the price of a gaming laptop. If you have anything else to also, you can use the comment section!

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