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What is MUX Switch? How does it work for a gaming laptop?

A mux switch allows you to use the full potential of a dedicated GPU, especially for gaming laptops. Let's learn how to enable Mux Switch on different laptops.

Computer games have evolved a lot. From laptops that only have integrated GPUs to laptops that now have mobile versions of dedicated GPUs, there have been many improvements between the two. New laptops with Nvidia and AMD GPUs now have a Mux Switch. Here you will learn about Mux Switch and how to enable Mux Switch on different laptops.

What is a (multiplexer) Mux Switch? How does it work for a gaming laptop?

What does the Mux switcher do? Let you choose between using integrated graphics or dedicated graphics. It is a new feature available on most of the latest 2023 laptops. It is a switch built into the motherboard, in particular gaming laptops. In short, a MUX Switch allows you to use the full potential of a dedicated GPU, especially for gaming laptops, by disabling the integrated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Depending on your usage and how heavy the task is, you may want to use a switch. This switch cannot be installed or downloaded on your laptop as it is a hardware feature.

Also, depending on the brand of laptop, you will be able to use the multiplexer in different ways. Some laptops will have their own switch control software, while others may have this option in the BIOS menu.

By enabling the MUX switch, you will be able to immediately send all rendered objects from the dedicated GPU to the laptop display. It no longer needs to go through the onboard GPU to display output on the screen.

Additionally, you can select a dedicated GPU to be used if you are using an external display.

Using a dedicated GPU is useful when you can do intensive graphics work. While you’re getting more power from a dedicated GPU, you’re losing a lot of backup battery, but then it would be wise to plug your laptop into a power source.

Using the MUX switch will also provide good performance in your games. For example, you can get from 10 to 30% improvements. Now that you know how useful the MUX switch is? Let’s see how you can use the MUX switch on different brands of laptops.

How to enable MUX Switch on different laptops

Enable Mux Switch on ASUS Laptops


All ASUS 2021 gaming series laptops are equipped with a MUX switch. You can find this option in the weapon crate.

It will be visible in the System Configuration menu.

Enable Mux Switch on Acer

Acer’s Predator gaming laptop series features Predator Sense, a software developed by Acer for its Predator gaming laptops.

All you need to do is launch the software and then click the “Settings” icon. Just toggle the switch to where it says Discrete GPU Only.

Enable Mux Switch on Lenovo

Lenovo’s Legion series of gaming laptops also uses its own software whenever you want to switch GPUs. Just launch the Lenovo vantage app, and you will see the hybrid mode option. Toggle it to turn it on or turn it off to turn it off.

Enable Mux Switch on Aorus

Aorus is a gaming brand from Gigabyte. They also make a range of gaming laptops. All Aorus gaming laptops with Mux Switch support can use the Aorus Control Center. The option will be available under the Manage tab and appear as Graphics Switcher. Click on it to change modes.

Enable Mux Switch on MSI

MSI has several series of gaming laptops. If you use one that has a MUX switch, you will be able to use it through MSI Dragon Center, a software developed by MSI for use on devices with a MUX switch. Click on the Switch GPU option to change which GPU you want to use.

Enable Mux Switch on HP

HP has its own sub-brand of gaming laptops under the OMEN brand. All compatible Omen laptops with MUX switches can use the Omen Gaming Hub software. This switch is available under the Graphics Switcher tab, where you can choose which GPU you want to select.

Enable Mux Switch on Razer

Razer is a famous gaming brand that produces gaming peripherals and laptops. These gaming laptops use Synapse. Software developed by Razer to control your gaming laptop. If your Razer laptop has a MUX switch, you can use this software to switch from an integrated GPU to a discrete one.

Enable Mux Switch on Dell and Alienware

Now, if you have a laptop with a MUX switch but no special software to enable it, you will need to boot into the laptop’s BIOS menu and enable it from there. It should be present under the “Advanced” tab and appear as “Enable Hybrid Graphics.”

Other brands

Some other third-party gaming laptop brands will use the Control Center software, which can be used to switch from iGPU to dGPU. This option only appears if your laptop has a MUX switch.

Final Verdict

And that’s all you need to know about MUX switches on gaming laptops. I hope this guide has helped you learn how to turn on and switch your GPUs and show you which next MUX Switch gaming laptop you should consider for your next purchase. Let me know in the comments below if you have a laptop with a MUX switch.

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