Sunday, December 4, 2022

Redmi K40 Standard Edition surfaced on Master Lu revealing key specifications

China's popular benchmarking platform Master Lu has revealed key specifications of Redmi K40 Standard Editions along with benchmarking scores.

Xiaomi is scheduling a launch event for April 27, where the company will unveil Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition. But there could be a standard edition as well with the slightly less powerful specifications. A new Redmi device has been surfaced on popular Chinese benchmarking platform Master Lu revealing some key specifications.



According to the Master Lu listing, a device with model number M2104K10AC scores 7,58,248 points splitting into 2,68,303 for CPU, 2,49,963 for GPU, 72,295 for UX and 167,687 points for Memory. The Weibo post further pointed out some of the key specifications.

Redmi K40 Standard Editions expected specifications

The listed device packs MediaTek Dimensity 1100, unlike the Dimensity 1200 adopted by the Enhanced Edition. Furthermore, it comes with a Full HD+ resolution display and 8GB RAM + 256GB memory combination.



We have already learned that the Redmi gaming phone will be equipped with a Samsung E4 material OLED single-hole display with a high refresh rate of 144Hz, and a battery capacity of 5000mAh. Apart from that, the 3C listing revealed 67W fast charging support for two Redmi models M2102K10C and M2104K10C, which are likely to be Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Editon and K40 Standard Edition.



Overall, the company is all set to reveal its Redmi K40 gaming series in China. So far, we have learned that there could be two smartphones in this series. The company has already confirmed the Dimensity 1200 powered Enhanced Editions, meanwhile another Redmi phone with Dimensity 1100 has appeared multiple times. For further information, stay in touch with us!

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