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Best Short Video Sharing Apps for Android/iOS [2023]

Best short video apps to watch small clips in 2023, Here we have covered the best short video sharing apps available for Android & iOS.

Short video content is gaining so much popularity, so the apps provide this type of content. The short video content does make sense from the perspective of both creator and user. The users get crips content in a concise and boring-less form, and the creator also gets the flexibility to provide more and more content.

The foremost app that I remember using for short video content was TikTok. And the app got so much popular that both the company and the short video trend reached new heights. Observing this, companies like Instagram and YouTube have also jumped into this business. But TikTok has been in alligations related to data privacy and is currently banned in India.

But don’t worry, here I have provided a list of some of the best short video apps you can use. I have also included TikTok, our audience outside India. Now, Let’s explore the list of best Short Video Sharing apps that you can use.

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Best Short Video Sharing Apps for Android/iOS

Here is the list of best short video sharing apps to download in 2023:

1. Instagram Reels


There is hardly anyone on the internet who doesn’t use Instagram. Instagram has an active user base of about 1 billion, which is a huge number. With this much of a userbase, it is also one of the best communities of short, entertaining, and informative content creators.

Instagram has a separate Reels section for those who love watching short and crisp content related to any niche. Instagram Reels has recently been launched back in August, and from that time, the Reels community has grown huge. Now, you cannot just view the photos and long IG TV videos but also enjoy your favorite influencer’s short-form video content.

Download Instagram: Android | iOS

2. YouTube Shorts


After the success of short video platforms like TikTok, not just Instagram, but YouTube has also added a separate short video section in its app, called the YouTube Shorts. The YT shorts do the same that Instagram Reels do. You can enjoy the short and crips updates from your favorite YouTuber.

YouTube is primarily a video-sharing platform but is usually used for long videos of a couple of minutes. But some seconds-based short videos are found to be more engaging and reachable. Hence, if you use YouTube a lot and are looking for a short video app, you don’t have to go anywhere. You can use the YouTube shorts within the YouTube app like using Reels in the Instagram App.

Download YouTube: Android | iOS

3. TikTok


The first and foremost app that got so much popular and gave a huge amount of influencers to the world is TikTok. This is the app that popularized the trend of Short videos. Looking at the TikTok app’s success, many similar apps emerged, e.g., Likee, Wigo Video, Kwai, etc. TikTok also made companies like Instagram and YouTube to think about the Short video platform. And hence, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are in front of you.

If you are looking for an app that is just dedicated to Short-Videos and no other bullshit, TikTok is the one you should go with. TikTok has been in controversy for a long time and is banned in India currently. But outside India, TikTok is one of the most widely short video apps, and you can also give it a try.

Download TikTok: Android | iOS

4. Mx TakaTak


Due to the ban of TikTok in India, there are so many Indian-grown short video apps that are filling the gap of TikTok. One of them is MX TakaTak. The name resembles MX Player, and so is the maker of the app. The MX TakaTak has been made by MXP India (J2 Interactive), the same company that has made Mx Player.

Just like its name, the content of the app is also entertaining. The app has a large quantity of quality content for entertainment, knowledge, and fun. You can clearly tell by the app logo that TikTok inspires it, and the app’s user experience is also similar. If you are in India and missing TikTok, then definitely consider our recommendation of using Mx TakaTak.

Download Max TakaTak: Android | iOS

5. Roposo


Another Indian-grown short video app that you can use is Roposo. If you’re looking for some short video content that is regional and more relatable to your culture, then an Indian app like Roposo can be the one for you. Roposo is among India’s most used video-sharing apps with a 1M+ positive rating on the play store.

Roposo app comes with a huge set of so many filters and editing options that you can use to edit and post your own content on the app. Using these features, you can create your very own short videos to post on the app if you are an influencer or planning to be one.

Download Roposo: Android | iOS

6. ShareChat and Moj

Whatsapp statuses and Instagram Stories are very interactive. I am pretty sure that either your or at least any one of your known contact loves to put different kinds of statues and stories. And for that sole purpose, the ShareChat app is one of the leading video-sharing platforms, used by more than a million users consistently.

Many of the short video app users use the app to find some awesome statuses. And for that, you can use ShareChat. But besides ShareChat’s primary app, the company also has a dedicated TikTok-like short video app called Moj. You can definitely try this app too. Moj is also a pretty good option to provide regional short video content to connect yourself.


There are so many options available on the internet. I have listed a few of them, which I thought are providing the best possible experience. The short video-sharing apps are so entertaining, and you can use any of these apps related to your needs and preferences.

I know that this list is much more Indian-specific. But if you’re looking for a non-Indian short video app for some reason, then you can go for apps like Funimate, Triller, Dubsmash, Byte, etc.

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